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Lies (deluxe edition) by Asa Boxer

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Who will not be amused by these poems on the subject of lying? This is the deluxe limited edition (lettered A-Z) and signed by poet and artist. (There is also a regular edition available, numbered 1 - 64.) 26 pages. Author: Asa Boxer. 

Published in a limited edition of 100 copies, of which, I to X have hand marbled endpapers by Lucie Lapierre and covers of 100% rag Canal Paper by Papeterie St-Armand. Artwork by Carolyn O'Neill. Signed by poet and artist. The lettered chapbooks (A-Z) have Canal covers, decorative endpapers, and are signed by the poet and the artist. Numbers 1 - 64 represent the balance of the first edition.